A look back at the Suns 2010-2011 season

The 2010-2011 NBA season was an interesting one for the Phoenix Suns to say the least. Coming fresh off a surprising trip to the Western Conference Finals the season before then losing Amare Stoudemire over the summer I don’t think anyone really thought this team would come close to the previous years success but if you did boy you were wrong.

Things we learned:

1)      Hedo Turkoglu can’t play in this system and even in a system built for him he’s still way overpaid!

2)      Robin Lopez is a 11th or 12th man at best. The writing is on the wall that it’s time to part ways with him. I mean the dude gets out rebounded by Steve Nash and I don’t think he could jump over a newspaper.

3) Marcin Gortat is a beast! He’s a building piece for the future.

4) It’s time for Vince Carter to retire. He’s not even close to the player he once was and after playing the way he did this year I’d even dare to say a player like Marcus Banks would be an upgrade.

5) Age is catching up with Steve Nash. Without a solid supporting cast the Suns were forced to rely a bit too much on Nash and unlike in the past when he exceeded what he was asked to do this season we say him breakdown and show us he’s only got a little bit of time left in the NBA.

Bright things about next year:

1) We have a lottery pick.

2) If there is a lockout a shorter season will be easier on the bodies of Steve Nash and Grant Hill

3) Vince Carter has played his last game as a Sun

4) Marcin Gortat should be starting so we’ll get to see much more of him.

5) Channing Frye gets more time to mature his game. This guy has surprised me and he’s starting to live up to if not exceed his potential from draft night.

I’m also really interested in what the Suns front office does. I mean will they go out and get an actual power forward? Also they seem to have a plan and I like what they are doing compared to what I thought and still think about Steve Kerr. So I think the Suns will either find a way to be a top 4 seed or will blow it all up and be a lottery team again assuming next season actually happens.

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1 thought on “A look back at the Suns 2010-2011 season

  1. The season began and had dramatic ups and downs, but we still loved our Suns. At times it looked they were about to pull things together, other times they just looked like shitbags. All the while, our heroes Steve Nash and BAMF Hill played their asses almost completely off. Sometimes they got help, other times they didn’t.

    Then the Orlando shake-up. In came three NEW amigos. With Gortat it was love at first sight. Pietrus played kind of crazy and had a terrible nickname. And then there was Vince, which resulted in the founding of the CTLVCOF. Things didn’t go so great for a while after that. The low-point came in an embarrassing, nationally-televised blowout at home to the Knicks, which ruined the weekend of pretty much every Suns fan.

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