A look back on my week




It’s been a while since I last posted or done a YouTube Vlog so I wanted to give everyone an update about my life.

Social Media

  • Facebook – I deleted Everyone except family members. I would have deleted my account entirely but I need it for work and have a ton of photos on it.
  • Twitter – Changed my name and unfollowed some people who might allow weirdos to find me. I also made a placeholder account for my name.
  • Youtube – I have a video planned but can’t make it until the swelling from my toothache goes away.
  • Instagram – I unfollowed almost everyone with a bot and got temporarily suspended. I will be following people again slowly after I make sure they’re not just a spam account.
  • Google plus – Still a ghost town but only change I made was to get a custom url.

Family stuff

  • Still getting used to Dulce and she’s still getting used to my other dog and my cat.
  • Going to pick up my daughter this week. She spent the summer in Mexico so I’m looking forward to seeing her in person again.
  • Keisa may have gotten a second job that pays pretty well and pays weekly!
  • Keisa also is finally ready to get her drivers license.
  • I’m actually making money off the ebooks I’m selling on Amazon which is really weird.
  • I broke a part of my tooth and am in pain. Can’t go to the dentist so I’m hopeful this Tramadol holds me over for now.


Things I’ve been doing

  • I’ve been watching TV more. I loved the Descendants 2 BTW.
  • I went to the dollar store and accidentally had the car in neutral when I went in the store. It rolled out into the lane part of the parking lot blocking traffic and making a strong case as to why I should give up driving.
  • Used my iPad as a hotspot for the first time and it made me realize I’m not confined to my desk every day when I work.
  •  Got made fun of a lot on Twitter but I handled it without letting it bother me too much.



  • Work has been slow and stress-free. I got to work extra hours this week so that I can have some off later.
  • I worked some fun projects on Youtube and Twitter so it was almost like not even working because I enjoyed it.
  • I found out I can write my TV, computer, and internet service off on my taxes.
  • There have been changes at work but for once I didn’t freak out. Yay me!!!

Mental Health

  • I’m not sure my meds are working. I’ve been stuck in depression.
  • Having trouble with my memory so I make a lot of notes.
  • Thinking about going off my meds. I know my wife said she doesn’t want me to but I feel it’s my decision so I’m working on a pro/con list.
  • I’ve been watching a lot of mental health videos on YouTube. Shout out to my current favorite mental health warrior The Road Down Bipolar He posts great videos so check him out and subscribe.
  • I joined a Facebook group called Mentally Ill You Tuber Friends Unite! and love the support there.

That was pretty much it. Keep an eye on my Youtube as I have an actually planned out video this time that I will actually edit. I just need to be able to talk first. Have a great day!

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  1. Lonnie! You are more than the man! Feeling highly appreciated for the group and for myself! Thanks for the love and more importantly, thanks for the friendship.

  2. Love the vlog smalls, sounds like you have got some interesting things going on. Keep your chin up and maybe stay off the road, just kiddin. Keep us posted about your daughter coming home that should be exciting!

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