Born at a very young age, I realised almost immediately that I knew very little. So I set off on my life long mission to become a Jedi knight. When I failed at the Star Wars thing I decided not to let the fact that I was unable to get a fictional job bring me down so I started this online blog to share with the world my many delusions and outrageous opinions.

My name is Lonnie Smalley and If you haven’t guessed that  by now you’re probably a bit dim-witted, but I will overlook that since you clearly have excellent taste in selecting which websites to visit. This site wasn’t created to be anything other than a personal journal to help me deal with my depression and PTSD issues. I have lived bottled up for fat too long and this is the only way I know I can comfortably share my views with the world, even though I know nobody will probably ever visit my blog.

Disclaimer— I am not responsible for headaches caused or curse words uttered if you attempt to read any of my posts. I can be quite random at times and I’ve also been known to forget to be grammatically and structurally correct in my writing. Your feedback is greatly appreciated and I look forward to hearing from someone who actually took the time to visit this site.

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