Alberto Del Fired by the WWE

Alberto Del Rio fired by the WWE

The wrestling world is still in shock after Mexico’s greatest export Alberto Del Rio was fired by the WWE yesterday. While actual details are still coming in from various online sources and WWE wrestlers, the story currently going around at the moment is that Alberto Del Rio slapped a Social Media Manager at this weeks RAW television taping.

The confrontation started in catering, when a backstage staff member asked a Social Media Manager to clean off his plate after he finished eating. The social media manager then made a racist joke about how that’s Alberto Del Rios job.

Del Rio found out about the inappropriate joke and confronted him. The Social Media Manager refused to apologize, called Del Rio a “Beaner” and then smiled at him, so Del Rio slapped him.

The WWE fired Del Rio for unprofessional conduct.

Del Rio will have his 90 days non-compete clause as per standard in the WWE, which will prevent a quick move to at least TNA and more than likely AAA. AAA will be very interested in Del Rio as they continue interest in its U.S. growth. they continue interest in its U.S. growth. TNA reportedly is offering up the TNA title immediately if he joins them so you probably will be seeing Del Rio again pretty soon.  All I know is if action isn’t taken against the unnamed Social Media Manager I’m done with the WWE.

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