Amazon Prime packages are always late


I used to love Amazon Prime but over the last year, I have had so many issues with getting my shipment on time. There were times that the promised two-day delivery turned into two weeks or my packages were not even delivered at all.

At first Amazon’s customer service was great. They extended my prime and one time even gave me a $10 credit towards a product sold and fulfilled by Amazon. However, apparently, there is a limit to how many times they will help you when you have a delivery issue.

Usually, I just wait for the packages to get delivered but after they are a few days late I call. I think I made six or seven phone calls in the last year and now they pretty much say there’s nothing they can do. They also told me that the two-day shipping “guarantee” is just an estimated delivery time.

I think that having a guarantee should mean you actually should have to take some sort of action when you fail to live up to your end of the deal. Hopefully, Amazon can get their act together. I’m seriously considering canceling my Amazon Prime membership when it is up next month.

I’m sorry for ranting it’s just I’ve been looking forward to getting my Yeti microphone for a while now and these delays are annoying and a little upsetting. Thank you for taking the time to read my rant.

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