Arizona Governor Jan Brewer’s Handwritten Letter to Obama


Arizona's conservative governor Jan Brewer and her office briefly refused to release the copy of the letter which she handed to President Barack Obama during a heated exchange on an airport tarmac Wednesday. Initially Brewer's office claimed the letter was “a personal handwritten correspondence to the president” and that her office did not retain a copy.

However nonetheless a copy has emerged from Brewer's files and the governor's office has released a copy of the letter. Although undeniably handwritten with atrocious penmanship, the correspondence appeared on official letterhead and discussed matters that were of public concern. Brewers tone can be described as nothing short of pointed, but the letter itself isn’t really news worthy as all it contained essentially were just a laundry list of Brewers talking points.

It's unclear why the governor's office tried to claim they did not have a copy before eventually releasing one or for that matter why this document was worth being so stubborn about. If you have trouble reading it here is the transcribed version:


Dear Mr. President,
Welcome to Arizona!
You've arrived in a state at the forefront of America's recovery- and her future. We were at the brink. We were at the bottom of the list in job creation. Today, we have a balanced budget and we're in the top 10 for job creation.
I'm proud of that hard-won recovery— the result of many tough decisions, courage and perseverance.
My hope is while you are here you will have a chance to see our tremendous results first hand [sic].
We both love this great country, but we fundamentally disagree on how to best make America grow & prosper once again. I'd love an opportunity to share with you how we've been able to turn Arizona around with hard choices that turned out to be the right ones.
And, of course, my offer to visit the border— and buy lunch- still stands!
With respect,


I think there is more to this story than what we're being told and part of me even believes this may not even have been the letter given to Obama during a heated exchange. Time will only tell but one thing is for certain Arizona's governor is starting to seem more and more mentally unstable in each and every passing month she stays in office.

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