Been walking

Been walking

I’ve been walking and riding my bike a lot the last week and a half trying to get some of this fat off my body. It seems like walking is harder than using the bike so I think I need to walk more than I bike til I start to really love walking. Once I like to walk then I can move on to jogging and then running. I’ve even decided even though I have always hated to run I will enter an actual race some time next year just so that I can accomplish something that I’ve always looked at as impossible.

So during this journey into changing myself for the better I’m starting to notice things about myself that I need to change other than my weight. I think one of my root issues is the fact that I’ve never really liked myself and have always been afraid of what others may think of me. This really isn’t a healthy mindset and I need to fight and overcome this. So today January 20th 2011 will be the day that I start changing myself on the inside and start living my life rather than just existing.

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