Best Internet photos July 10th

I’m a big fan of surfing the web looking for funny or cool photos and I thought maybe I would start putting them up on my blog to share with others since I know are usually only talk about things that are very depressing. And get ready to be cheered up with my top 5 photos of the day.

1) Bill Cosby rapes Snow White: This isn’t a joke; it is a representation. Cosby is a rapist, an admitted rapist, and this “artwork” is showing how evil it [rape] is.

2) Loki and Thor awkward family dinner: Thor “Why can I not crush this candy, I am a god!” Loki…browsing magic the gathering sites on his mobile.

3) Vaginas license plate: Unfortunately, those vaginas expired about 6 years ago!

4) Semi truck trailer gives birth to a forklift: If only there was some kind of vehicle to lift it up.

5) Commence to jigglin’: It like Meowschwitz in there

I hope you enjoyed this because I know I did. Everyone needs a little laughter/comedy in their life and these pics made me a little bit more cheerful today.

Cheers ~~~:Lonnie

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