Black skull earrings I found on Etsy

Black skull earrings I found on Etsy

Handmade Black Skull Earrings via Etsy

Are you looking for the perfect Christmas gift for that special someone in your life? Today while browsing Instagram I found the account of ineedbout3fitty . She is someone you should follow by the way if you like jewelry. Her Etsy store is called nolascraft and saw that she makes some fabulous jewelry! My favorite of which was these beautiful black skull dangling earrings!

Beautiful handmade Black Skull dangle earrings
Photo via nolascraft ETSY Store

Her black skull earrings are handmade.

Materials used:
  • Sterling Hooks
  • string
  • skull
  • Beads
  • black skulls
  • Black leather cord
These earrings and here other products are a unique one of a kind piece of jewelry. The earrings are only  $25 on her Etsy store.
The store has so many other great products you can buy as Christmas gifts or for a personal treat. I usually don’t do this, but I endorse this Etsy store! Hurry over and get some jewelry before they’re gone!
This Etsy page is worthy of making it to my helpful website page you can find here. Do you know of or have something beautiful, unique, or well priced? I can share it on this blog or/and my social media accounts. Visit my contact page so we can get the conversation started.
By the way, you can get the ETSY IOS app here if you don’t have it.


Some products on my site may be from an affiliate, or an advertiser requested review.
I haven’t purchased this product or affiliated with it in any way. I liked the earrings and posted them on this blog. I thought it looked cool and felt like sharing this with my readers.
Have a wonderful Thanksgiving and don’t get too beat up in those Black Friday lines today. Thanks for reading about this Etsy shop and it’s incredible jewelry! Hope to see you return for my next article which will be about a BiPolar disorder related issue.


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