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My Blog Disclaimer

I noticed quite a bit of people are starting to put disclaimers on their personal blogs so I decided better to have one and not really need it then to not have one and open myself up to some type of legal risk.

Is that I am responsible for:

My content:

This is my own personal blog so everything posted here is my opinion and not those of anyone else’s including my employer. Any person, group, association or entity I am associated with isn’t responsible for anything that I say.

All views here are opinions unless otherwise stated has been fact.

Mistakes, typos, and random stupidity:

I do know at some point on my blog I will make some type of mistake or say something very stupid. I’m only human and make mistakes just like everyone else in fact because of my mental illness I probably make them more often than most people. Any mistakes are my fault and should be treated that way. If you happen to notice one please feel free to let me know.


Unless otherwise stated anything written on my blog comes from me. If you like a post feel free to link to it or if you quote a section of it I would appreciate a link credit. My photos come from pictures I’ve taken, people have submitted and given permission to use, fall under fair use or come from free to use photo sites. However, if somehow I do end up using a photo that you own please email me at [email protected] and I will remove it or if you prefer give you a link credit.

Things that I am not responsible for:

Internal links:

I can’t control who links to my website. If I could my website would actually be popular. If you see a questionable site or a site that you find offensive linking to my blog please take it up with them and not me. I do not spam my links nor do I do any type of Blackhat SEO.


Information on the Internet is changing all the time. I assume no liability for the accuracy of links I share as well as the information on my blog. To the best of my knowledge at the time of posting they are accurate but things can always change in the future.

Personal Offense:

As I said this is my personal blog and expresses my OPINIONS. I will try to the best of my knowledge to not knowingly injure, defame or commit libel against anyone. However, everyone is entitled to their opinion so I permit you to leave yours in my comment section. You also may be offended by my grammar, punctuation and possible incorrect wording due to the fact that I mostly use Dragon NaturallySpeaking which seems to have it out for me. If you are offended and cannot stand it please just leave my blog and never return.


I am not a doctor, lawyer, therapist, chef or any other type of expert so any advice I give should still be researched as I am not responsible if you decide to follow it. Please use common sense and if it’s a health matter consult your doctor. You will not be compensated in any manner if you choose to follow my advice.

Money Disclosure:

I do post AdSense, Amazon affiliate links and the occasional third-party affiliate link in hopes of recouping enough money in order to pay for my domain name and hosting. I doubt anyone would ever offer me money or anything to do a review for them but if I am paid to do one I will be sure to put multiple disclaimers in the post or video. For the most part, any review you see on my site is going to be my unpaid and unaffiliated opinion of it whether it is good or bad.

Blog comments:

I have decided to once again open commenting on my blog with a few rules. I will not approve any comments that are abusive, profane, libelous are something I consider spam. If I do approve your comments I am not responsible if your content violates the law in your country are for any endorsements you might leave in the comment. That falls on you, my friend. You’re responsible for whatever you post.


As I do have some mood swings due to my bipolar disorder I also will not assume responsibility for going on a very long incoherent rant. I reserve the right to remove these posts at any time.

Other legal things I am required to disclose:

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