Why I am trying Tiny Buddha’s 365 Love Challenges

Written by the founder of Tiny Buddha Lori Deschene Why I decided to try the Tiny Buddha’s challenges I came across Tiny Buddha’s 365 Tiny Love Challenges by Lori Deschene and my local Goodwill. It looked brand-new and was only $1.50, so I decided to purchase it. I don’t…

My Anxiety is really high right now

Anxiety the early years I suffered from anxiety for decades. As a matter of fact, I don’t recall the first time I experienced it or even what life without it felt like. The thing is as a child you don’t know what anxiety is and…

Writing helped stop my racing thoughts

    In my last blog post, I talked about how I’ve been having trouble sleeping at night because of my racing thoughts. At the suggestion of one of my Twitter followers, I took the time to write out everything that popped into my head…

Five myths about anxiety

    Today I will be talking about a few common myths about anxiety. I suffer from generalized anxiety disorder and panic attacks and some days simple tasks such as shopping or even leaving my home feel impossible. Hopefully, discussing these misconceptions helps some people…

Fear of venturing outside

    I know for a fact I’m not the only person suffering from bipolar disorder with a fear of venturing outside of my home. Around 80% of people diagnosed with bipolar disorder also suffer from either generalized anxiety disorder or social anxiety disorder. Considering…

My anxiety is back with a vengeance

Anxiety really sucks! I have to train someone at work again today and I had so much trouble sleeping because I dread this part of my job the most. I’m just not comfortable with human interaction in real-time. I’ve taken a couple anxiety pills and…


  • I have #bipolardisorder, so every day is a #mentalhealth adventure! Usually, I am pretty #weird and do #silly things.

#Bipolar #funny #dogs #Cutedog #Instadog #depression #disorder #mood #anxiety #mentalillness #Phoenix #Arizona
  • It might sound weird but this is probably a blessing in disguise! Time to start the next chapter in my life adventure! Wish me luck!

#startingover #life #homebuisness #job #phoenix #stressfree #financialfreedom #byefelicia #nomorelies #selflove freedom #free #unappreciated
  • If you are in #phoenix and are having #car trouble call my brother Mike at 602-243-9343. Our #family has owned this #business since 1987 and are fair and honest. Please share!! #autorepair #transmission #fixcars #arizona #southphoenix #share

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