My annual trip to Yuma Arizona

The 2017-2018 school year here in Arizona has ended and today my family completed our usual routine of dropping our kids off in Yuma, Arizona so they can spend the summer with my mother-in-law. This year my two daughters went with her and will be…

Longview Elementary Talent Show

Today I attended my children’s (Vanessa, Rebecca and David) talent show at Longview elementary. I actually attended to talent shows today because the school split the grades and half with kindergarten through third grade have in their talent show at 8:30 AM today and forth…

How to properly forge your parent’s signature:

    Kids these days seem to lack common sense as evidenced by this forged note to school from a student:   In my day kids probably could forge their parents signature nearly perfectly by the second-grade third grade at the latest but thanks to…

Took the kids to the Phoenix Zoo today

  Took my kids to the Phoenix Zoo today and even let them get their picture taken with the Easter Bunny.  We purchased the ‚Äúprofessional photo but I snapped this one from almost 50 feet away before I found out no personnel pictures were allowed….

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