Charlie Sheen’s Bipolar Awareness Walk

Trouble former two and a half star Charlie Sheen is urging his fans to join him on a walk down the center of Toronto, Canada from his hotel in the city to local arts theatre Massey Hallon Friday to publicize bipolar disorder and support those who suffer from the illness.

Charlie Sheen who a couple of months ago famously assured his webcast viewers that he is not bipolar but “bi-winning” says he wants to raise public awareness of the serious mental illness, which is back in the newspaper headlines after Catherine Zeta-Jones admited that she received treatment for bipolar disease earlier this month.

Charlie Sheen has taken to his Twitter account to announce details of the walk and to encourage his fans to join him. He wrote, “Bipolar Awareness Walk!! Come join me at 6pm and walk with me from The Ritz Carlton to Massey Hall..! Show your support..!! BIWINNING ybw (you’ve been warned).”

I think it’s a good sign that Charlie Sheen may be on the road to recovery because he’s actually doing something to help someone else and who knows maybe a few good deeds may get him back in the good graces with CBS and Warner Bros.

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