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David and Santa Claus

Today is Christmas Eve a day that a few months ago I did not think I would live to see. My health and my weight are silently killing me and I’m on so much medication I probably could start my own pharmacy. However, the next two days are not about me they are about spending time with my family and trying to make a memory that will last for a lifetime. Keisa and I both have to work the next two days, but at least, we get to do so from home that way we can spend as much time as possible with our children.

We’ve had a few good Christmases but the last few financially we haven’t been able to give the kids very many gifts yet those Christmases seem to be the more enjoyable ones. This year due to our financial issues we elected to tell the kids that there is no such thing as Santa Claus so that by the lack of presence they would not think it was because there are bad kids. Since the charade of Santa Claus is now over we gave each kid $50 and let them pick out what they wanted for Christmas. $50 doesn’t go as far these days as it did when I was a kid.

So they’ve chosen the gifts and yesterday got another surprise a gift card from their aunt and uncle as well as from their grandmother. We took them to the store and they purchased even more things that they wanted for Christmas. I do miss the days of shopping for the kids but I never mastered the art of picking that perfect Christmas gift. This way every gift is perfect because it’s something that they wanted. I also get what I wanted because I get to spend the next two days with them.

Merry Christmas everyone I hope you are able to spend the next two days with someone you love.

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