Cox outages in Phoenix Arizona

Warning: This is my rant about COX. It may not make sense so if you don’t want a headache do not read.


I live in central Phoenix and get cable, internet and phone services from Cox Communications and the last 5 weeks we have experienced five Cox outages for all services lasting over five hours each time. They always blame someone running over an outside box which I find kinda unbelievable that it would happen each week. Each time it goes out we call the Customer Service at 623-594-1000 and last night I got an agent who actually called me a liar when I said my service was out but for some reason I still had working digital cable in my bedroom. He went on to say they did dispatch a technician but that I’m a low priority customer so it may take up to 12 hours for my services to be restored. This guy was awful at customer service and is the reason that when my contract with Cox is up I will be leaving them for Century Link.

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