CVS Pharmacy Sucks!

I wish that Walgreens hadn't stopped accepting my insurance because they were wonderful. Unfortunately, now the only conveniently located pharmacy that takes my prescription is CVS pharmacy. I've had so many bad experiences such as getting the wrong prescription, taking a month to fill my prescription for diabetic test strips and then today wrongfully charged me a co-pay on something that is covered 100% by my insurance because they ran it through my secondary provider instead of my primary. I would understand it if it was a new prescription however, this was a refill so no changes should have been made.

cvs-sucksWhat makes my experience today at CVS even worse is when I tried to explain to the pharmacy technician before I even got my medicine that I shouldn’t be paying a co-pay on these particular medicines she actually told me to “shut up” she went on to say that if I want my prescription I need to pay my co-pay and if I don't want to I need to leave the pharmacy area. This really made me mad. For those you who know me I never really raise my voice to strangers or act in any type of impolite manner ever so her reaction was totally out of line.

When I got home I called the store and spoke with someone else and they told me that I was incorrectly charged and to come down and speak with the manager. I get down CVS only to find out that the manager isn’t in the store today and will not be in until tomorrow. I have no idea why the person I spoke with neglected to tell me this. So at this point I'm pretty agitated because not only did I waste money on co-pays I should not have had to pay I also have wasted a lot of time and gas on this.

So I got home and called their customer service number and explained my situation to them and was told that there billing department will take care of it and give me a call about mailing out my refund. That made me feel a little bit better but then she tell me it may take a few weeks or even up to a month or so to get my money back.

Now it's not a matter of money it's just a matter of possibly the worst customer service in the world. The original person who told me to “Shut up” has no business working in any customer service related environment. I mean it was embarrassing. She didn't do this privately because there were quite a few people around who actually heard it. Needless to say no matter the inconvenience I'm pretty sure I never returning to CVS for anything whatsoever. I'm not talking about just prescriptions I’m going try my best to never enter one of their stores again and tell others not to use them either. I know it will  cost them a little bit of money for losing me because I fill around a dozen prescriptions are more each and every month.

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