Depression and PTSD issues

It’s funny some people are like “Lonnie, you never served in the military so how can you have PTSD” I had some traumatic events occur in my life growing up that I just don’t share because it hurts to bad to talk about. This causes me to experience PTSD problems and is also the root cause of my depression. The past week has been extra hard for me especially in the morning and afternoons usually not subsiding til 7pm or later.

I really dislike feeling like this and for those of you who say to just snap out of it or just think of something else you need to understand I try my hardest to do those things but when issues pop up it’s almost like I have no control over my own brain. I do try the little tricks my psychiatrist shared with me to help but they only seem to work when it’s only a minor issue or if I’m not feeling down before the issues happen. I wish sometimes I could just disappear for awhile and maybe if I hide long enough my problems will go away as well.

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