Do people care about mental health


There is no shame in having a mental health issue. It might be mental health awareness isn’t something people actually even care about.
I started this blog and my YouTube channel to get information out there about mental illness. I had the mission of trying to end the stigma that surrounds these mental disorders. Yet, very few people visit my blog or watch my videos. I’m starting to wonder if this is a topic that has any interest at all. These issues might be too sad or I am bad at covering mental health-related topics.
I’m feeling pretty discouraged and may switch my plan for this blog. I may go back to its original purpose covering my life and experiences in general. Pretty much turning this back into daily journal other people are able to view online. I talk about my bipolar disorder, generalized anxiety disorder, ADHD, PTSD, social anxiety. As of late, I’ve talked a lot about the depression and stress aspects of my disorders.
On my YouTube channel, I’m trying to become a better storyteller. I have been covering things that have caused a lot of my issues as an adult. Recently I’ve been diving into what causes my negative thinking and self-harm. I don’t care anymore about getting views on YouTube for my videos. Most of the time I either get hateful comments on them I have to delete.
For now, I am spilling my guts on Youtube as a form of Internet mental health therapy. In the future, I may film a documentary about my mental health. If I do it will be covering my daily struggle with depression and anxiety.
What you think I should do about my blog? Should I give up the fight against the stigma? Should I start using this site as a journal? Use it as a way of sharing random things I come across on the Internet and my general weirdness? Post here instead of social media? Please let me know in the comments below. 

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  • I have #bipolardisorder, so every day is a #mentalhealth adventure! Usually, I am pretty #weird and do #silly things.

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  • It might sound weird but this is probably a blessing in disguise! Time to start the next chapter in my life adventure! Wish me luck!

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