Expand your mind and watch YouTuber OurWorldShifted

Expand your mind and watch YouTuber OurWorldShifted

Ourworldshifted the next youtube star

Photo Via OurWorldShifted’s Youtube


YouTube positivity Guru OurWorldShifted

You probably never heard of one of my favorite people on YouTube OurWorldShifted. I know this because he only has 27 subscribers and two views on his latest video which is a must watch for anyone in search of motivation.

His most recent video is called “HOW I WAS CHANGED BY HOW TO WIN FRIENDS AND INFLUENCE PEOPLE” and like all the other videos on his channel this one is motivational. I’ve read Dale Carnegie‘s How to Win Friends and Influence People, and OurWorldShifted explores it from angles most of us would never even pick up on later.

He is a pretty smart guy and only one of two people whose videos I try to watch the same day they are put up on YouTube. It’s because every time you post a video, I know that it is going to provide encouragement and help me face the day.

I try to make videos and wish I could make some even half as good as he can. He seems always to find beautiful locations to film and isn’t camera shy like I happen to be.

My opinion of OurWorldShifted’s YouTube future

One day if he can get more views people will start sharing his videos, and he has the potential be bigger than Jake and Logan Paul. His positive messages and his positive viewpoint on life reminds me of a young Tony Robbins. Please check out his YouTube channel. I’m not asking you to like his video, comment, or even subscribe. I want you to take this opportunity to you one of his videos because it just might change your life forever.

You can find the latest YouTube vlog post by OurWorldShifted embedded below. Also, if you like this video take the time to check out his other ones because they’re all just as good.

Thanks for reading and I hope you take me up on my request. 


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