I haven’t been feeling well lately

The past few days have been pretty hard on me because my arthritis has been flaring up and I just can't seem to focus or even get rid of this depression. Lately not even the nighttime has been offering relief since I keep waking up in a panic due to PTSD flashbacks.

This week I also realized that no matter how much I wish I wasn't I am disabled. There is no way possible that I could hold down a job. I am barely able to take care of myself with some help and a lot of nagging. I wish I could be normal like everyone else but I realize I just have to accept who when what I am and make the most of it. Disability  doesn't mean you're any less of a person it just means you lack some strengths that others may have in order to provide forand take care of themselves.

My Social Security application is still pending but I have a feeling if they met me and saw what I go through daily they would approve my application in a minute. Please God help me get this Social Security because without me working our finances are stretched very thin.

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