Getting Healthy

Earlier this year I was starting to get my health and weight back on track, but then my mother got extremely ill and passed away. The stress, worry and depression kinda got me off-track but starting today my wife and I will be giving getting healthy another chance.

Today we started a low G.I. diet. It’s actually a hybrid of the diet which allows a few extra things up for the most part it’s pretty much on track. For those of you who have no idea what I’m talking about this diet is ideal for people like me with type II diabetes who need to keep their blood glucose levels under control and lose weight. Typically you don’t want to ingest any food with a glycemic index higher than 50. I know this eliminates a lot of the food I like but it also allows me to go back to a lot of the food I loved growing up.

Eventually I hope I’m able to go back to the gym so that I can incorporate exercise along with my healthy diet for better results. However for the first few days I just plan on eating right so that I can hopefully feel better and make it to the gym. The last month or so I’ve felt awful. I probably should’ve went to the doctor but I didn’t. I already know what the Doctor would say, he would say I need to lower my blood sugar because it’s what’s making me feel so bad.

Hopefully this time I have the willpower and mental fortitude to succeed because I don’t want to leave my children without a father. I know if my health keeps going the way it has been I’m not probably going to be here much longer so today is the day I make a permanent change.

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