Happy birthday to me!




Today happens to be my 39th birthday and so far it’s been one of the better ones I’ve ever experienced. I got to sleep in, went out to my favorite fast food spot for lunch (Wendy’s because their chili with the four for four deal is awesome) and even got a birthday cake for the first time in a while.

Happy Birthday!

As a child birthdays were about getting gifts. The older I get, however, the only thing I really want is to spend time with my family and my children not to fight. That’s probably why today was so great although I did miss my oldest child being here since she’s off with her grandma in Mexico.

I never thought I’d reach my 39th birthday so just being alive seems pretty odd. Today I’m working out some goals I’d like to achieve before my 40th birthday which is proving to be quite difficult. My number one goal, however, is to find a way to make some extra money to help my family out.

I’m going to get back to enjoying my birthday and the realization that I’m an old man. Thanks for reading.

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