Have I reached my final destination




Holiday’s are always hard for me and if you factor in the arthritis pain it’s downright unbearable. My bipolar is currently kicking my ass and has me in a depressive state and constantly thinking about ways to end it all because sometimes nothingness seems like the better option to pain and depression. I know I have these thoughts and even can say I have a plan but I still have reasons not to follow through. I may need to see my doctor earlier than planned and get a medication change because it is so hard living each day like this trying to will myself just to get out of bed and do basic tasks.

1 thought on “Have I reached my final destination

  1. hey man, i stumbled upon this on accident. but the more i think about it, it was not an accident. i just want you to know that everything will get better. when things are bad its hard to remember the good times but they are there. and they will be here again soon.

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