Help! Racing thoughts are keeping me awake

Help! Racing thoughts are keeping me awake


I know racing thoughts can be a side effect of suffering from bipolar disorder and anxiety but they have really been difficult to bear the last few days. I’ve only gotten a few catnaps in instead of a normal nights sleep. If I had to guess I would say in the last four days I’ve gotten less than a total of five hours of sleep.

I’m still able to function mentally but my body hurts. I really want to get some rest so my body can heal itself overnight. Unfortunately, not even my 10 Mg of Zolpidem a.k.a. Ambien has helped. Maybe it’s time to call my doctor for some assistance.

Hopefully, I can get some sleep soon. Tonight I’m going to take the suggestion someone from Twitter made and try writing out all of the thoughts that are racing through my mind. They said once I actually get them out I will feel more relaxed and should be able to sleep.

I will let you know how that goes and what my doctor says. Have a great day!


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