How family members can help with bipolar issues

How family members can help with bipolar issues

How your family can help you with your bipolar disorder treatment!

For those of us who suffer from bipolar disorder, a support system is a must! Usually, your family, if you have one, can help you start a plan of what to do when you seem to be having issues and help you get through them. The great thing about this is if you set it up in advance usually having a trusted family member step in and tell you it’s time to stop doing something or to contact your psychiatrist is less painful.

Your family members understand you and why you act the way you do. They can see when you get obsessed with something or go on a pointless rant in which your usually talking to yourself. Also, they will understand those days you need to keep to yourself and make sure that nobody bothers you during your alone time.

Getting your family involved is highly recommended because many of our negative behavior usually doesn’t seem wrong to us at the time, but our family members can see that it is wrong and intervene. Your family can even work with your doctor to figure out what your triggers are and either help you overcome them or avoid them as needed.

Bipolar disorder is a permanent disease but with medication and therapy can be somewhat controlled. However, there will be times that you need someone preferably a family member could be part of your treatment plan and always be there for you.

Here is a brief support overview.

    • Your family can make sure you are taking your dosage of medicationas prescribe by the psychiatrist

    • They can look out for symptoms and triggers. So we can avoid or work on overcoming.

    • They can help find/create an effective and efficient routine to help you not go off the rails.

    • Most of have love selfesteam so they can help us discover our strengths and weaknesses

    • A family member can contact your doctor when you get to the point they need to be involved in your treatment.

    • They can help you decide if a particular medication is not working for you.

    • Family members can help us make proper decisions and budget our money.

    • They can monitor what we eat and make sure we are not selfmedicationg with drugs or alchol.

A supportive family member or friend can do many things to improve your quality of life with bipolar disorder. However, ultimately following the plans created and seeking help is still up to you. Even though bipolar is is an uncharitable disease you can still have a happy and even “normal” life with proper treatment.

Best of luck and I hope that you can find someone in your life to help you create a plan and look out for you while you battle this devastating mental disorder.

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