How to post to Instagram from your PC




I know a lot of us like to use Instagram but don’t always want to use a mobile device. Here’s a quick way to post via computer if that’s your thing.

How to post to Instagram from a PC or Mac

1. Install a user-agent switcher in your browser. This tool will enable your PC to pretend data sent to Instagram from a computer is actually being sent from an Android or iPhone.




2. Once the extension is installed and activated, click on the extension/plugin icon in your web browser and select Android or iPhone and if required, the Operating System version (eg. “Android Kit-Kat”).

3. Visit Instagram via your PC web browser- (Instagram will think you’re you’re accessing it from a mobile device) Instagram will now load the new mobile website (and the functionality which isn’t available to desktop users) enabling you to post to Instagram directly from a PC.


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