I Feel Bad For Lindsay Lohan

Once again actress┬áLindsay Lohan got arrested this time it was for probation violation and I find myself feeling sorry for her. Now I am not saying she didn’t cause a lot of problems in her life or even that she shouldn’t be in jail I’m just saying watching her life play out on the Internet and TV is like watching a train wreck. You want to look away but you can’t.

I can’t imagine what it’s like being a celebrity and having people watch you waiting for you to mess up 24 hours a day just so they can make a quick buck off of some picture or video of you. People always complain that celebrities get special treatment from law enforcement and they do but in my opinion they are deserving of that treatment because unlike you and I then have to deal with stalkers, paparazzi and even annoying fans.

I just hope that Lindsay is able to get the help she needs whether it’s in jail or out to fight her demons because I hate to see her die young. I know most people are just like lock her up but I don’t think that’s fair and hopefully it doesn’t happen. Sometimes people act out the way she has been as a cry for help or because they’re lonely. I hope Lindsay Lohan is able to get someone in her life she can depend on to guide her and keep her on the right track.

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