I hate Fourth of July fireworks



As a kid, I used to love the firework shows Manzanita Speedway put on every Fourth of July since I could watch them from my parents front yard. I have fond memories of waiting for the fireworks to start and feasting on a lot of watermelons.

Over the years, however, things have changed quite a bit. I now find loud noises seem to trigger traumatic memories in me and even require me to sedate myself with Xanax. Don’t get me wrong I do find fireworks very beautiful I just wish they were silent.

Another reason I hate fireworks is they really make pets do crazy things. Tragically a lot of the animals are frightened by the sounds of fireworks shows are the idiots who launch their own and run away. Animal shelters in the Phoenix, Arizona area claim during the time around the Fourth of July holiday the animals in their shelters increase by 70%. That’s a lot of lost animals who unfortunately if not found by their owner or rehomed end up euthanized.

I do also hate the fact that you can go to any grocery store or most big-box stores here in Maricopa County and purchase fireworks to set off on your own. I’m not sure about the legality of setting off these fireworks but I do know many people who buy them are idiots. They do not know the first thing about setting off a firework safely or they try to do it when they have been heavily drinking and in these cases end up in hospitals.

Please be safe and cautious this Fourth of July if you’re setting off fireworks or just in a large crowd (stay vigilant against terrorism). Also, I know most of you unlike me have the day off so please don’t drink and drive.

I’ll step off my soapbox now. Have a great day.

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