I have become a victim of identity theft

Someone ruined my credit and possibly my life

Unfortunately, this week I discovered that someone who I know thanks to video security surveillance opened up credit accounts in my name and defaulted on them. I had been getting collection calls for accounts I knew I never opened and at the time just assumed they were scammers. It turns out someone close to me who I shall not name got a hold of personal information and opened up multiple accounts racking up over $15,000 worth of debt!😢

The last few years I have been working very hard to improve my credit, so this is a significant step in the wrong direction. While the stores and card companies say, they will prosecute since the individual is known I’ve been told it may take years for me to fix my current situation. In fact, the police officer who I talked to said that some people never recover from this type of identity theft. Thankfully, I got a credit alert recently because this individual was actually attempting to get a home loan in my name. I guess when there’s that much money on the line they do their due diligence and actually make sure you are who you say you are. I know for a while even though I have police report numbers I will soon be bombarded by collectors who will be trying to collect on these debts that I don’t even know. I might have to change my phone number and who knows what else.

Regardless of how close you are to somebody you never truly know them and what they are capable of doing. Please don’t make the same mistakes as me and make your private information vulnerable to anyone other than perhaps your spouse. I’m a little upset right now, so I will end it here before I say something I regret. Have a great day and hopefully I will have a positive update for you soon.

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