I might need a mental health day



Calling in “Mentally Ill” to work sounds kinda weird but it shouldn’t be any different than calling in sick when you have the flu. I haven’t taken a mental health day as of yet but it is something I have been thinking about.

I’ve been feeling overwhelmed by things in my life and when you add the stress of how busy it’s been at work these days I just feel like I need a break. In the past, if I ever got to this point I would just throw my hands in the air and quit my job out of frustration. However, I really like my current job and how it allows me to work from home.

Employers should offer mental health days and treat them as the equivalent of taking a sick day off from work. However, I don’t think a lot of people would be comfortable disclosing their mental illness to their boss as even though the law supposedly protects you they may make up a different excuse to get rid of you because of the stigma of mental illness.

I did put in for a few vacation days once work slows down. Those should keep me from burning out and just feeling overwhelmed.

Hope you have a great day and thanks for reading.

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