I need to move

Good God this apartment is getting to me. We’ve lived here for over 3 years now and I feel like it’s time to really start looking for a new place to live. Don’t get me wrong I love the location and the price but I’m sick of all the problems. We’ve had a leaky roof in the kids room for over a year now. Well to be fair it did stop leaking for a bit only to have the leak get worse over time. Sunday they had a roofer work on it and now instead of the one leak we have had for awhile we also have 4 new ones.

I could live with the leak because I guess they are trying but it took them from before Easter to 2 weeks after the fourth of July to change my ceiling fan which was falling down in my bedroom. The bathroom outlets don’t work and we have a few other problems plumbing issues etc… My biggest issue however is I just dislike living here. Everyday I have a fear of someone coming unannounced to “fix” something because they don’t tell you anything here. You see it puts my anxiety level on high and when they do knock I go into overload. I can’t think. I just shut down. I know most apartments will give you a notice a day before they will be coming or at least some type of heads up but these guys don’t. I have mental health issues and I can’t live like this. I honestly feel like ignoring the knocks until they leave me a note saying what they will be doing or when but I’m afraid if I do that they will just use the key and go in which is another thing they have done before.

I’m sorry just having a bad day today and feel over stressed about this.

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