I’m outraged and heartbroken by the murder of Nabra Hassanen





Nabra Hassanen was murdered on her way home from a mosque in Virginia following overnight Ramadan prayers.


Unfortunately, the murder of Nabra Hassanen isn’t getting the media attention it deserves because she happened to be Muslim. Today’s media doesn’t want to showcase hate crimes committed by hateful anti-Muslim citizens they are responsible for creating here in the United States.

Nabra, whose name means “Rare, precious” was a normal 17-year-old teenager who had a bright future in front of her. All that came to an end early Sunday morning as she walked with a group of friends from Virginia’s All Dulles Area Muslim Society mosque in observance of the last 10 days of Ramadan to a local shopping center to get something to eat.

On her way to IHOP, the group was confronted by an anti-Muslim US terrorist. That’s right, I called him a terrorist. Anytime you commit an act against a specific group of people in order to create fear or seek out some misguided revenge against a specific group you’re terrorist.

The terrorist whose name I will not mention here started to confront the teens shouting obscenities and racial slurs at them from his vehicle. He then decided that wasn’t enough so he got out of his car and physically assaulted Nabra with a baseball bat.

During the altercation, the group of teenagers scattered and afterward were unable to find Nabra. The group returned to their mosque and reported everything that happened to Fairfax and Loudoun County police departments.

Unfortunately, the body of Nabra Hassanen was found about 4 miles away from the mosque floating in a pond. The police have made an arrest in the case,but it doesn’t feel as if justice is going to be served.

The police have ridiculously decided despite the fact the only motive behind the murder is that Nabra was Muslim it doesn’t make the case a hate crime. I’m not sure what they use to decide if the case is a hate crime or not, but if this doesn’t qualify then their guidelines need to be updated immediately.

Since the election of Donald Trump hate crimes against the Muslim community have gone up a lot and it seems as if law enforcement are not taking these cases seriously. People in the Muslim community are getting to the point where they are afraid to even leave their own homes.

As a result of the media pushing their anti-Muslim agenda on the people in the United States, the number of Islamophobes has increased exponentially. Something needs to be done to stop the hate. It’s definitely not okay to assault or murder someone just because they have a different viewpoint or religion than you.

My first suggestion in stopping the hate against Muslims is we educate people about their religion and how it is one of peace. Many people disagree that Islam is a religion of peace because of extreme groups such as ISIS who go around killing people in the name of their religion.

Over time, though Christianity is no different. There were the Crusades, the Salem Witch trials and more recently the Ku Klux Klan, which all show a small minority can make any religion seem evil.

We also need to show our support to the Muslim community so they know there is no reason to live in fear. We need to show them actions like this will not be tolerated any longer. We are better than these terrorists and someone with authority needs to condemn actions like this so others don’t repeat it.

Here in America, we claim we have a war going on against terrorism, yet we can’t even police what we have going on in our own country. We need to classify this hateful murder as a terrorist act and prosecute it accordingly.

I encourage you to take to start a discussion about the ridiculous hate against Muslims in the United States by posting on Twitter, Facebook, blogging and just old plane face-to-face talking about it and bring more attention to the senseless murder of Nabra.

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