I’m taking a Social Media Hiatus

The world today is far too addicted to social media! Social media is to my generation what the 6:00 news had been for my parents: our main window to the outside world. It is how we obtain news – world, national, local, and personal. It’s how we share information, instead of picking up the telephone and calling everybody we know when something important happens. It is how we interact with people we don’t see regularly, even though we all have mobile phones and  text messaging. Social media is the new way of marketing yourself – we share our thoughts, ideas, and life stories.

I’ve come to realize that I have a problem with social media sharing for quite some time. I haven’t gone without some sort of social media for more than an eight to ten hour period. I’ve shared tons of personal information with people I’ve never met and probably never will. I get frustrated whenever I’m unable to access my Facebook news feed, as if I will miss something terribly important. I am constantly checking my twitter feed on my phone to see what is going on in the world so that I don’t have to venture outside. Like I said, I was aware of this problem for a few years, but only recently have I come to realize how much time I waste because I am too occupied by social media. What is the solution to this? Sure, I can lie to myself and say “I’ll only check my Facebook three times a day” or “I will only tweet important things”, but deep down I know none of those things are going to happen. Restrictions and limits with life addictions do not work! You have to go cold turkey. That’s what I’m doing right now. I’ve cleansed my friend lists of people I don’t know in real life or don’t really talk to anymore. I also have decided to try and not post on social media until I feel like my mind is in a better place. 

It’s been less than 24 hours and it’s been tough! Checking social media platforms is a habit more than anything else, and I took all of my existing willpower to not click on the ever-present Facebook tab in my bookmark list. I actually had to delete all my social media bookmarks because I would find myself clicking them out of habit and having to close the window to make it go away.

The best part of this hiatus is going to be the fact that maybe I will be able to get my moods under control. No more fear of what others may think. No more comparing my life to theirs and getting depressed by that feeling of inadequacy. Most importantly, no more triggers!  Some posts as of late have been making me feel angry because without social media I would have never known how close minded and ignorant some friends and family members truly are.

Life will go on. Other people will continue to post and my social media hiatus will probably even go unnoticed. If/when I return I will try to be more careful about what I share and who I interact with. Cheers! 

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