Internet Marketing

I’ve decided to try to step up my online earnings and have applied to a few new CPA networks to put their ads up on all of my sites. Over the past 6 months or so I’ve noticed a steady decline in earnings ddd-300x186and even though I really like my current affiliate networks I think it would be wise to check out some other networks to see if they can help me make more money on my sites. Loyalty is fine but when I send an increasing amount of traffic to offers every month but see my earnings drop by  exactly 5% each it makes me wonder exactly what’s up.

Hopefully it’s easy to get approved to these networks and I can get ads set up on all of my websites this week. If not I’ll be trying some other CPA networks or switching over entirely to Commission Junction and AdSense exclusively since I complexly trust those networks.

I just want to start earning so I can meet my goal of having a good amount of cash coming in so I can start my non-profit that I’ve always dreamed of running which would benefit the homeless and underprivileged here in Phoenix, Arizona.

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