Is It Time For The Arizona Cardinals To Go For A Hail Mary?

The season is pretty much a wash and in order to at least go out with a little bit of a fight the Cardinals need to take a deep shot down field and hope the hail Mary connects. That hail Mary in my opinion is signing Terrell Owens. Sure he’s 37 years old but unlike the Cards other options at least T.O. can make big plays. His best days may be behind him but as a second option I’m sure he could take some of the pressure off of Larry Fitzgerald.

Most of the time when teams have horrible starts like this the end up losing someone like a coach in order to get players attention so they start playing on the field. That’s why adding Owens makes sense, we don’t want to change the coaching staff and I’m sure TO coming here would be an attention getter. Plus anyone dogging it is going to get called out in the press and publicly embarrassed. I don’t really like TO but I think he’s just the right medicine to give these players the heart transplant they need.

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