It’s a mad crazy world

Every day this world seems to make me feel more and more discouraged. I just feel trapped like I have something important to offer the world but I’m stuck with no way to get it out there. Somewhere along the line over the years I slowly have stopped living life and have been simply existing. I need to get off this roller coaster with all these lows and highs and start being a normal person.

I need to start taking responsibility for my life and care enough about myself to do something about those things I dislike. It’s going to be hard and I know I’m probably going to stumble but it’ll be ok as long as I can make a few small changes at a time. It’s like that movie “What about BoB” with Bill Murray I need to start taking baby steps and soon those big problems in my life will begin to get a lot smaller. For now it’s back to that crazy mad world but I’m going to work on making it a little more bearable each day.

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