It’s been two years

296666_10150382237607346_658507163_nIt’s been two years well it will be two years on Saturday since my mom passed away and I’m still dying on the inside. I wonder if she really love me, if I was a mistake or even if she ever cared about me at all. My mom liked to drink alcohol and it’s hard for me to remember a moment where she wasn’t drunk. As far back as I can remember she was sneaking vodka and beer to make it through the day. I understand that because she did open up to me on one occasion and tell me about the abuse she endured as a kid which is very similar to what I suffered through. I miss her and hope she’s in a better place free of the pain and the cancer that took her life. My pray that Allah is merciful grants her passage to the great beyond like it says in the Quran. Allah Achmed and may he have mercy upon her soul.

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