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Grease happens to be one of the few musicals that I have watched (Then again I was forced to by my Freshman English teacher in High school). The main stars of Grease, of course, were John Travolta and Olivia Newton John. They were supported by a great cast and among those supporting actors was Jeff Conaway. Jeff Conaway played school rebel and bad boy Kenickie. He represented the rebel with a heart though a wild young man, in the nicest possible way.

Jeff died at the Encino Tarzana Medical Centre, earlier today 27th May 2011. He had been receiving treatment, since he slipped into a coma back on May 11th. It appears that Jeff’s death resulted from a culmination of his many problems. He had long fought a somewhat public battle with alcohol and drug addiction. In the past, Jeff had blamed his addiction troubles on back problems and botched surgery. These troubles ultimately led to his various addictions. It appears that a deadly combination of prescription medication may have caused him to slip into a coma and eventually Jeff’s death.

Conaway also starred in the long-running American comedy series Taxi. He will forever be remembered though for his role as Kenickie in Grease. Like a lot of celebrities, Jeff had his demons. Sadly he never chased them away fully. His family pulled him off life support last night and he passed today with them at his bedside. He was just 60 years old. His death serves as another reminder that our life here on Earth is short and we don’t really know when our time is up. RIP Jeff.

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