Keeping a job is hard




Those of us who are bipolar know that it’s hard to find and keep a job for an extended period of time. The past two days I found myself in one of those funks where I’m not sure how long I can keep myself together and employed.

I think I’m just overthinking everything but I feel like I’m doing a terrible job. My concentration levels are lower than usual and I seem to be making stupid mistakes. There are points where I want to rage quit just like I used to do when I was able to play video games online but I’m trying to be responsible. I can’t believe how much this work stuff upsets me yet I rarely have any contact with anyone at work. I’m my harshest critic.

I guess I need to keep taking baby steps and do this one day at a time. I do love how my job keeps my mind off a lot of things and gives me something to plan on doing each day. I’m going to try my best but if I do get fired that’s something I can’t control. Perhaps it’s not my bipolar disorder and it’s just I’m dumb.

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