Longview Elementary Talent Show

Today I attended my children’s (Vanessa, Rebecca and David) talent show at Longview elementary. I actually attended to talent shows today because the school split the grades and half with kindergarten through third grade have in their talent show at 8:30 AM today and forth through sixth-grade starting at 10:00 AM. I really enjoyed it and am proud of my children because when I was in grade school I would have never had the self-confidence to get up on the stage even with the rest of my class.

The first video is David and the rest of Ms. Schlenker’s kindergarten class performing the ABC song. If you’ve never seen David before he is of course the kid that I’m focusing on with the Mohawk.


In the next video we have Rebecca jumping rope with two of her friends while they recite red hot chili pepper as their jumping.  Rebecca is the child who is jumping first. She really got off to a really good start and probably would have kept it going if he pant had not started to slip down. 

On a side note If you watch closely you’ll even get to see a falling star during this video now I don’t knowif paper stars counter not but I still made a wish.



The last two videos are of the Vanessa Smalley my oldest child. The first one she is performing an interesting grace go to edit of the song “We Are Young” with Ms. Carillo class. The second video is her singing a solo of “Firework” by Katy Perry.




I’m proud of my children for having the courage to do a performance in front of so many people. They did an excellent job and I’m  going to have to find something fun to do this weekend as reward for them giving it their best.

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