Man arrested for posing as a military veteran



eric-wolfe-posed-as-veteran-ADOTTalk about a scum bag. 45-year-old Eric Wolfe of Tempe, Arizona was arrested on Wednesday for pretending to be a veteran of the United States military. Wolfe used forged documents to apply for a special veteran status drivers license and license plate reserved for those who have actually served in the military.

Earl Fisher with ADOT said Wolfe used the paperwork of a veteran to forge his own copy.

“He took this (form), belonging to another veteran, and placed his own name and Social Security number on it,” Fisher said.

Wolfe allegedly claimed he had served in the United States Air Force and suffered from PTSD. The U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs Office of Inspector General said that it has no records of Wolfe’s service.

“ADOT protects the identities of Arizona residents,” Michael Lockhart, chief of ADOT’s Office of the Inspector General, said in a press release. “Our detectives’ skills in investigating identity theft and forged documents helped us to arrest someone who was using the good name of military veterans for his own gain.”

ADOT said Wolfe used the same forms to defraud businesses as part of Project 22, a charity that supposedly linked veterans with homeless pets, and a nonprofit, Freedom K-9 Rehab.

Anyone who made donations to Wolfe or his charities are being asked to contact the Arizona Department of Transportation at 602-712-6291. If you wish to remain anonymous you can call 602-277-5684 or 877-712-2370.

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