Mash Star David Ogden Stiers Passes Away

Farewell Major Charles Emerson Winchester III

Goodbye, Farewell and Amen. Another actor from the hit television show Mash has passed away. Rest in Peace Major Charles Emerson Winchester III
It upset me to learn yesterday David Ogden Stiers from the hit television show Mash passed away at age 75. His character Major Charles Emerson Winchester III was one of my wife’s and mine. During our first few years of marriage Mash was a constant source of entertainment in our lives. The comedy made our life issues a lot easier to handle.
It was always great to see his Harvard educated character be able to hold his own in the Swamp. Many times he outwitted fellow doctors Hawkeye Pierce and BJ Hunnicutt. To me, he was a more interesting and witty character than Frank Burns who his character replaced. Stiers character was a regular 4077 from seasons 6-11. Stiers twice earned Emmy nominations as an outstanding supporting actor on the series.
Later on, Stiers went on to become a very successful voice actor. I loved him as Disney characters Cogsworth in “Beauty and the Beast” and Dr. Jumba Jookiba in “Lilo & Stitch“.

Later years and sexuality

In 2009 David Stiers came out of the closet and announced that he was gay and was no longer afraid to hide it. He did an interview stating that he was “Very proud to be so”. He hid his sexuality for a  long time because the majority of his income came from family entertainment. and he was afraid there would be repercussions.
When he came out Stiers was actually praised instead of ridiculed. In fact, he was so beloved he actually started a chain reaction of others in Hollywood coming out of the closet. I credit David as being one of the people who helped further along equality for all.
David Ogden Stiers passed away March 3rd. in Newport, Oregon at the age of 75 from bladder cancer.
Even in death, I found a way to someone relate to Mr. Stiers as I hate cancer and would never wish it on anyone. It took my mom a while back and changed my life forever. Someday we will find a cure for this dreaded disease.

He left us with some great works and helped make the world a better place both on and off the screen. His legacy will live on but I am very sorry to see him go. 

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