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Mend Telemedicine makes it easy to meet with your doctor from home.


Yesterday I did something pretty interesting. I was able to meet with my psychiatrist and have her send in my prescriptions for refills without ever going into her office. You see she now uses a mobile app for iOS and Android called Mend to meet with patients over the Internet.

Technology is amazing! I always dreaded going to her office because being around all the noisy people in the waiting room usually triggered my anxiety. I shouldn’t have to worry about this any longer.

The mobile app and webpage created by Mend Telemedicine allows you to securely to have a conversation with your medical provider much like it would be if you were speaking to them via Skype. Mend also has all the forms you may need to fill out, handles any required billing and even keeps track of your appointments.

Once your meeting is over Mend allows your doctor to send most of your prescriptions over to your desired pharmacy. I say most of your prescriptions because one of my prescriptions is considered a controlled substance so I have to pick up a written prescription from the front desk of my doctor’s office. That will be changing soon as they are currently adding a secure method for transferring these prescriptions to the pharmacy as well.

I love this program and because of it I will no longer be skipping any of my appointments since I can do it from the comfort and safety of my own home. Be sure to ask your provider about Mend. If they don’t offer it maybe bring it up to them so that they can add this technology from Mend Telemedicine to their arsenal of treatment since we are now in a computer-based world.

Thank you for reading and to find out more about Mend you can visit their website by clicking here.

Their apps are available here:

IOS: Download

Android: Download

Have a great day everyone!

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