Mindfulness seems to be working




Mindfulness Definitions

  • Intentionally living with awareness in the present moment.
    (Waking up from automatic or rote behaviors to participate and be present to our own lives.)
  • Without judging or rejecting the moment.
    (Noticing consequences, discerning helpfulness and harmfulness– but letting go of evaluating, avoiding, suppressing, or blocking the present moment.)
  • Without attachment to the moment.
    (Attending to the experience of each new moment, rather than ignoring the present by clinging to the past or grabbing for the future.)

I went to group therapy again yesterday and today I noticed that I am making a lot of progress. I was able to go to the grocery store and dollar store by myself today which for me is a really big deal because of my anxiety. I was nervous and even felt a little nauseous but decided to use what I learned in group yesterday and put my anxiety in the backseat and just move forward with it. Baby steps…

Another thing I discovered yesterday is that the reason I have trouble making decisions is because when I say yes to something I am saying no to every other possibility. I never looked at it this way and realized my main issue with decision-making is that I’m afraid of missing out on something. I tested the saying yes part at the dollar store by purchasing a few things for myself without asking permission. It felt good to treat myself and make a decision in the moment.

A few weeks ago I wasn’t sure about starting therapy again but I have to say that the group therapy and my group therapy therapist are amazing. I’m really glad so many people pushed me into going and I really think Keisa¬†for forcing me to go. Time to look up some mindfulness videos on YouTube.

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