Morning Fame YouTube tool review

Morning Fame YouTube tool review


There’s been a lot of talk these days about YouTube especially after they decided to demonetize small creators YouTube channels. The new monetization threshold for the YouTube Partner Network which allows advertisements on your videos is now 4,000 hours of watch time within the past 12 months and 1,000 subscribers. For many of us, myself included that seems like a huge insurmountable task.

I’ve use the Pro version of a tool called TubeBuddy to do my keyword research and explore topics I want to make videos on to see if there’s any current interest. It’s worked pretty well and has helped me get quite a few videos ranked and even helped grow my subscriber count. However, there have been some videos that have way underperformed in my opinion.

After doing some research I discovered one of the biggest issues with my videos was relevancy. In fact, according to YouTube expert and creator of the very popular and helpful book Tube Ritual Brian G. Johnson there was a paper put out by a Google employee that pretty much stated YouTube rewards relevancy over keywords and titles.

Enter Morning fame a.k.a. MORNINGFA·ME. It’s a great tool for simplifying your YouTube growth by showing you what is working with your videos and what isn’t. That way you can focus on what works instead of wasting your time on everything that doesn’t. It’s pretty much a smarter version of analytics for your videos.

Recently, they added a keyword tool and a way to check your video relevancy to your title once you write out your description and choose your keywords. It does this on a graded platform based on how your specific channel should perform based on your subscribers, likes and comments, how many views the subject gets and the relevancy as it relates to your channel.

Once you pick your topic, title, write out your description and choose your tags it will tell you what your relevancy is a.k.a. opportunity to rank your video against the bigger guys might’ve already covered the same subject.

As a test I went back and chose three videos with very little views (under 30 on my mental health-related channel) and used Morningfame to rewrite my video description to where the relevancy was a lot higher and used the keyword tool to pick out some of the less common keywords related to my videos to replace the broad non-ranking ones.

A week later each video has gained me at least a few subscribers (Total count went up by 34) and the lowest performing video is now at over 250 views. Tubebuddy and Morningfame work really well together and I highly recommend using them.

You can learn more about Morningfame here

Also, you can find out about TubeBuddy and all of its great features here

Thanks for reading and I hope this information can help you grow your YouTube channel and get you some views and subscribers.


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  1. I just found out about this service and there are painfully few reviews online. Thanks for posting. I already use TubeBuddy and will probably give this a shot also. Sounds like together they’re a powerhouse.

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