My Friend Passed Away Today

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My friend Sadie passed away today after a long battle with mesothelioma. Even though I knew for some time this was coming I still must say that I’m still can’t accept it at the moment. She had been doing quite poorly for a while. She found it hard to eat, drink, or even sleep. The havok mesothelioma subjected her body to left her in constant severe pain. Her doctors did their best but there is a point where painkillers nolonger help. Thankfully she was asleep when she passed and it was like all her pain slipped away and she went to a happy place.
I know it’s not the case but it feels like everyone around me is dying. Since my mother passed away at the end of last year this makes the ninth time someone close to me died.
I’m worried that somehow this is my fault or I’m going to be the next to die. These are not rational thoughts but in my current depressed state, it’s all I can think about right now.
I am able to find comfort in the fact that I know that Sadie was a Christian when she passed. Until the day she died, we would have religious debates and I loved those conversations. She was such a wonderful friend and person. I guess God must have decided he needed her to help brighten up a special patch of heaven.
I’ll miss you, Sadie, R.I.P and I hope nobody else ever has to die from mesothelioma due to asbestos exposer.
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