My Thoughts on NBC’s New Show Smash

Anjelica Huston as Eileen Rand in NBC's
Anjelica Huston as Eileen Rand in NBC's "Smash.", Photo courtesy of Mark Seliger / NBC

My wife has been making me watch this new show on NBC called Smash. It's basically a show that revolves around the efforts to mount a musical retelling of the life of famed actress Marilyn Monroe entitled Marilyn: The Musical, on Broadway. This show veers off in numerous directions and follows the lives of those characters involved in bringing the musical to life.

I'm not going to lie, personally I hate musicals and for that matter shows about the making of musicals as well. The only reason I don't throw a fit about watching the show with my wife is it has Anjelica Huston. On this show her character Eileen Randis going through a bitter divorce and in my mind I'm waiting for her to channel her inner Morticia Addams and throttle her soon-to-be ex-husband MMA style and begin with the ground and pound beating him to a bloody pulp. I know this will never happen on the show but sometimes it's nice just imagine because the looks her character shoots towards her husband makes you believe it's just might be possible.

Other than that the only other thing I enjoy about the show is watching Katharine McPhee play the role of the fresh from the Midwest girl in the Big Apple Karen Cartwright. Her innocence and I guess the fact that I haven't really seen any of her other work make me root for her to get the role of Marilyn Monroe.

What makes Smash different than nearly every other show on television is it lacks a physical antagonist and is probably what intrigues me most. You see, Smash, doesn't have a big bag of figure hiding behind a curtain instead they use circumstance and real life as the antagonists and let me tell you there is no bigger big bad than them. Having been around many people who have worked in Broadway Theater I can tell you that the show has stayed true to how life is on Broadway and how circumstance can make a star or leave you destitute at the drop of a hat. This stage is a cruel mistress and you're only as good as your latest hit.

Smash airs Monday nights on NBC after The Voice for those of you who are interested. My wife really loves it so at least check it out and give it a couple episodes to see if it's your cup of tea or not.

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