My wife said I can’t change jobs

My wife said I can’t change jobs




If you’ve been reading my blog you know money is something I’m always worried about. Although I did find enough money to run my air conditioner if I choose to, I haven’t yet though.

The worry people showed about me using a swamp cooler made me think I needed to increase my income. I’ve searched Craigslist and a few job sites looking for a second job, but haven’t had any luck. I was able to find some better paying full-time jobs. These jobs would let me use the skills I have in a way I know would be mentally stimulating for me.

I spoke with my wife about me finding the second or a new job and she told me no. She feels if anyone got a second job it needed to be her. With my disorder being around others is still unmanageable for me so she doesn’t want me to leave my current job. Looking at it logicality it’s the only job I’ve found I can manage to work regardless of my mood swings.

She did give me a list of other things to focus o for now so I guess I’ll see how it goes. Maybe one day she will support me trying to do other things to support us which are better financially. Until then I guess I’ll just worry and feel like I’m doing something wrong.

Have a great day!

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