New prescriptions and new hope




I went to my psychiatrist today and she gave me some new prescriptions my current pill regimen is:

Duloxetine DR 90mg 1x daily
Risperidone 0.5mg 2x daily
Risperidone 2mg at Bedtime
Lamotrigine 150mg 1x daily
Lorazepam 1mg 2x daily
Temazepam 15mg at bedtime

I’m looking forward to the Temazepam because according to my psychiatrist it will help me sleep at night. Lately, I’ve been getting around three hours of sleep a night and I think that’s been affecting my anxiety. The increase of Duloxetine DR might help with my depression since after all it is an antidepressant. I just want to fill normal and stop wanting to hurt myself all the time.

Being bipolar sucks but it’s nothing like this stigma I get when I tweet about it. I’m human and I have the disease. You wouldn’t criticize a diabetic for having the disease or someone with cancer would you. People seem to treat me different once they find out that I’m bipolar. Yes it’s hard to function and I do have mood swings but with my medication I do handle it well enough.

Hopefully, this new pill regimen works out for me and I can feel normal at last!


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