Oakland University says puck it

Oakland University says puck it


Can a hockey puck stop the school shooter

Hockey Puck Versus Active Shooter


While hockey pucks are a common sight out on the ice in Michigan, they are finding a new home in the classroom. Oakland University in Rochester, Michigan has come up with a safety plan for classes centered around the hockey puck.

“They’re easy to carry around in a backpack or a briefcase,” said OU Professor Tom Discenna.

After the tragic Parkland shooting in Florida classroom safety has become a priority nationwide. Unfortunately, students and teachers no longer feel safe inside the classroom.

Professor Tom Discenna and campus Police Chief Mark Gordon work together to come up with a solution. They needed something for faculty and students to use to protect themselves during an active shooter situation.

Crazy enough, the solution they came up with was a hockey puck.

“He said that he’d coach youth hockey, he knows what it’s like to get hit with one,” said Discenna.

More importantly, throwing a hockey puck at an active shooter could serve as a distraction allowing people extra seconds to flee.

While it may be a decent enough plan, Oakland University might want to fix the locks on their classroom doors first. The classroom doors are only lockable from the exterior. So if there ever were an active shooter, there would be no way to keep them out of the classroom.

The school purchase nearly $2500 in hockey pucks designed to help in an active shooter situation so far. Campus officials have already begun handing them out to students.

A hockey puck might come in handy but is it a match if someone is storming the classroom with an AK-47?

Let me know in the comments below what you think of Oakland University’s hockey puck self-defense system. Do you think it will work against an active shooter? Do you have any better ideas you’re willing to share? Thanks for reading and I hope you leave me a comment.

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